Pro Hair and Makeup – Why it’s a must for your wedding.

There’s no two ways about it, weddings are expensive! Hair and makeup is one of those areas that you may consider cutting corners on, and going DIY. I may be a little biased, but I strongly believe your wedding day hair and makeup is an investment. It should be carried out by someone who really knows their stuff. After all, your face is going to be in your wedding photos for the rest of your life! Here’s some reasons why you should book a pro hair and makeup artist for your wedding day.

We’re here to take the stress out of your wedding morning

Chances are, you probably have your day to day hair and makeup routine down pat. That 2 minute messy bun, your quick tinted moisturiser base or that go to lipstick you swear by. These all work perfectly for your day to day routine and you can apply them blindfolded. Your wedding morning however, is a whole different ball game. There will be a million and one things going on, you will be nervous and definitely be feeling the pressure to take your hair and makeup to the next level. A pro hair and makeup artist is there to take all that stress and pressure off your shoulders.

Being pampered on your big day is something you deserve

Unless you are rich or famous, professional hair and makeup services are probably quite a treat for you. It’s your wedding day, you deserve a good old pampering! Any hair or makeup artist worth their salt will do their best to add some extra special touches to their services. Personally, I add in some extra skincare treatments for my brides. On a busy wedding morning, sit back, relax and let your artist work their magic!

We’re trained to get the best results possible for you hair and makeup

A good pro hair and makeup artist will have undertaken plenty of training, in order to provide their services to a high standard. We know how to work hygienically with all different types of skin tones, skin types and hair textures. Also, we have spent hours researching and testing products, ensuring only the highest quality make it into our kit. On top of that we know all the extra tips and tricks to make sure your wedding makeup is photo ready (no flash back Mary here). All so our clients can receive the most beautiful, flawless and long wearing look possible.

We’re here to listen and keep you calm on your wedding morning

The role of a hair and makeup artist quite often goes beyond just applying your makeup and styling your hair. Whilst your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life, the morning of can be filled with last minute nerves and anxiety. Whether it’s awkward in laws, last minute organisation stresses or just general pre-wedding nerves, your hair and makeup artist is an unbiased ear to sound off those wedding morning worries to. You will inevitably be spending a fair amount of your wedding morning with your hair and makeup artist, so make the most of it and get anything you need to off your chest.

A pro will create a cohesive look for your entire bridal party

You’ve spent all that time finding the perfect dresses, shoes and accessories for your bridesmaids. A professional hair and makeup artist will be able to create looks to suit your entire bridal party, and add that finishing touch to your wedding day vision. Chances are that your bridal party’s tastes aren’t all the same, so creating looks that each person feels comfortable in and fits in with your theme can be a challenge. However, hiring a professional means that cohesive looks can be designed, that will be tweaked to match each person’s taste.

Sold on the idea? You can find out more about my services here.

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