Vicky Jiggens

Natural Bridal Hair and Makeup

Image of Vicky Jiggens, a natural bridal hair and makeup artist based in Essex.

Hi, I’m Vicky, a hair and makeup artist specialising in natural bridal hair and makeup – thanks so much for stopping by! I’m based in Chelmsford (Essex), but travel throughout the UK for weddings. I’m super passionate about helping my clients to feel their most confident on their wedding day, without caking on tonnes of makeup. Think skin that looks like skin, and hair with a little natural texture and movement! I’m a firm believer that there are no rules when it comes to your wedding day, so I’m always working to create a look that YOU will feel comfortable in.

My Experience

I’ve been doing hair and makeup professionally for around 5 years, but I’ve always found fashion and beauty fascinating.

Starting with my dream matte mousse phase in my teens (thankfully I’ve moved on from there), to running a beauty blog in my early 20s, and finally to today

where I’ve helped hundreds of brides with the natural hair and makeup of their dreams! I’ve also struggled personally with my confidence and body image (I’m a work in progress), and I know from experience just how much pressure there is to look perfect in the run up to your wedding. With that in mind, my chair will always be a safe, judgement free space for my brides, and I’ll never push you to wear something you’re not comfortable in.


If natural makeup and relaxed hair is your vibe too,

 I’d love to have a chat with you about your special day!

 Feel free to get in contact by clicking here.



A bride with natural curls, having her hair styled by Vicky Jiggens, a curly bridal hair specialist.

Curly Hair

If you’re a bride looking to showcase your gorgeous natural curls for your wedding day, I’ve got you covered. I know lots of you who have curly or textured hair have probably had nightmare experiences with hairstylists, automatically defaulting to straightening out and damaging your beautiful curls. Sadly a lot of bridal hair training doesn’t even touch curly hair, however I’ve taken a number of curly specific courses with some of the countries leading stylists. I’ve found a real love for working with natural curls in recent years, so if you’re a curly bride I would love to hear from you!

Cruelty Free Styling

In this day and age, I believe there is really no need to be testing beauty products on animals. I started switching my kit over to cruelty free products in 2021, and my kit is now 100% cruelty free! I still use high quality brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, Living Proof, Illamasqua and Beauty Pie – so you can still have a beautiful, natural bridal hair and makeup look without any guilt attached. Whilst my kit isn’t 100% vegan, I do stock lots of vegan products so I can accommodate vegan looks upon request.

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